Annex 6: Activities

There is no definitive list of the activities that DWP may add to a claimant’s to-do list. As such, the following list is collated from various sources. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  • any other actions which reasonably increase the likelihood of obtaining employment
  • apply for jobs and apprenticeships
  • apply for other work related training or work experience opportunities
  • assessing prospects for remaining in or finding paid work
  • attend a Commitments Review
  • attend a Self-Employment Review in the start-up period
  • attend vocational training
  • attend a Work Focused Interview
  • attend a Work Search Review
  • attend a Youth Obligation 5-month stocktake assessment
  • attend a Youth Obligation 6-month stocktake
  • attending a skills assessment
  • basic skills training
  • carrying out work searches
  • creating and maintaining an online history
  • develop an up to date CV at the start of their claim, updating it throughout their claim
  • develop realistic job goals
  • developing a business plan
  • developing confidence
  • developing personal presentation
  • developing social or conversational skills
  • employability training
  • English Speakers of Foreign Languages (ESOL) training
  • identifying opportunities to improve their Curriculum Vitae (CV), time keeping
  • identifying their employment strengths, existing skills and how they could present them to a potential employer
  • identifying training or educational opportunities
  • improving personal presentation
  • in depth diagnostic skills assessment – giving a specific breakdown of claimant’s skills need and identifying claimants’ skill levels to make appropriate decisions about training courses for claimants
  • information & communication technology (ICT) training
  • making applications for jobs
  • participating in an employment programme
  • preparing a CV
  • registering with an employment agency
  • researching childcare costs and provision
  • researching prospective job requirements or travel options
  • review a job advert
  • searching for and undertaking Voluntary work
  • sector based work academy placements
  • seeking references
  • take part in a “sector-based work academies”
  • taking part in programmes or provision
  • taking part in training
  • to get early advice and support from the relevant departmental experts to help prepare for employment
  • to support mental health/wellbeing, where it is a barrier to work
  • training courses offered by organisations locally that are on the District Provision Tool
  • training funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • training funded by the Scottish and Welsh governments
  • undertaking work experience or a work placement
  • updating a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • use the ‘Build your CV’ tool (Scotland postcodes and selected proof of concept sites only)
  • use the ‘Choose your activities’ tool
  • use the ‘Explore work you can do’ tool
  • use the ‘Job applications’ tools
  • use the Money Manager from the Money Advice Service
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