Annex 1: Change of circumstances

DWP does not publish a definitive list of changes of circumstance that must be reported by claimants, instead it relies on general statements and putting the onus on claimants to second guess if something needs to be reported. The list below is based on one published by Citizens Advice, with additions from other sources.1 2 3 4 5 6

Work, volunteering and pensions

  • leaving a job
  • starting a job
  • start or stopping volunteering
  • start or ending an apprenticeship
  • become self-employed
  • reaches pension age
  • partner reaches pension age
  • earnings via self-employment


  • change Bank account
  • start claiming any other benefits
  • stop claiming any other benefits
  • get a one-off payment
  • new income not from work
  • savings increase over £6,000
  • savings increase over £16,000


  • rent increases or decreases
  • move home
  • someone moves in or out of the household
  • someone from the household goes to prison
  • planning to go abroad for any length of time


  • partner moves in to household
  • split up with partner
  • getting married / starting a civil partnership
  • getting divorced / ending a civil partnership


  • changes in who has primary responsibility for children
  • if a child becomes disabled
  • if a child leaves full-time education
  • if a child leaves home
  • if a child goes into care
  • if a child is born
  • if a child was born as part of a multiple birth
  • if a child was born as a result of non-consensual conception (including rape) or conceived when in a controlling or coercive relationship
  • changes in childcare provider


  • someone from the household starts full-time education
  • someone from the household leaves full-time education


  • become ill
  • have an illness caused by pregnancy
  • start treatment for cancer with chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • have a terminal illness
  • become injured
  • go into hospital
  • leave hospital
  • go into a care home
  • leave a care home


  • death of a partner
  • death of a child
  • death of someone who is being cared for
  • death of anyone living in the household

Immigration status

  • loss of right to reside
  • became a student and did not get medical insurance
  • unemployed and looking for a job for more than 6 months
  • changes to immigration status

Personal information

  • change of name
  • change of gender
  • change of email address
  • change of phone number
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